Friday, March 13, 2015

And so we begin again.

I find it hard to believe that we are heading out on our 10th Habitat journey, until we start the trek and sharing the stories that we have from previous trips.

We are a group of 14 people this year - with 7 young people and 7 adults.  A truly international trip with Matilda, an exchange student from Sweden, joining us with her host famliy. 

There was a bit of a hang up at the border...but after a few questions and some research, we were off on our way.  There were no dogs involved this time!

It was a nice day of driving, lots of state troopers out and about keeping everyone safe!

We had a wonderful Italian meal and returned to hotel to find the remainder of our group arriving in from their journey down.

Even after St├ęphane reminding me,  we forgot to take our usual "departure" photograph.  Maybe tomorrow morning before we start the next leg, now that everyone is with us.

Lights out for tonight.  Another long drive ahead of us tomorrow.

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