Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Up in the air and down in the ground

Today was a day that saw us on the roof, under the house and digging holes! 

It was a slow start to getting on the roof, but with some teamwork, the shingle packs made their way from the ground, onto the roof.   Starting on the backside of the house, they got about 1/3 of the room complete and it is their intention to get the rest done tomorrow (weather permitting - temperature was due to drop 20 degrees overnight).

One group of youth installed baffles inside the house and completed the caulking they had started on Monday.  Another group dug a number of footing holes that then got filled with concrete.  These will support the front and back decks.

We were dinner guests at Nan and Ernie's for a wonderful "irish" dinner.  Early to bed for most.  Here are some pics from the day!

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Wilma said...

Thinking of you all. Looks as if you are having an amazing experience. Continue enjoying yourselves as you show your love and care for others with your actions. God bless each one of you. Wilma