Friday, March 20, 2015

Siding, roofing and more concrete!

Another sunny day met us this morning, albeit a cool one. There were lots of odd jobs to do today.  A group took to the roof to get a section of that completed. The youth continued their cement making skills to pour the last of the footings for the back deck (that now included a "loonie") and a group helped put up the tents for tomorrow's groundbreaking ceremony for house #18.  We also worked on cleaning up the debris around the site as the Mayor of Kilmarnock will be attendance tomorrow too.

Ranesha and Jentre were onsite today and we presented them with the quilt and some Canada t-shirts for the kids.  They loved it.  Thank you to the KUC quilting group who so lovingly prepare and provide us with the quilts every year.

In the afternoon, we were John's guests at his beautiful home on the Potomac River.  He cooked up a wonderful lunch and we lounged around the outdoor fireplace.

This evening we were hosted at an open house at the local Chamber of Commerce.  The youth were presented with certificates highlighting their volunteer hours.

The overnight is supposed to bring rain so building might be a wash tomorrow until the ceremony at noon.  We will start the journey home around 1pm and spend the night in Harrisburg.

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