Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Two words: Roofing & Concrete

The temperature dropped considerably overnight so we were all bundled up on the site today.  The sun was shining and once we started working the cold seemed to disappear.

There was plenty of concrete mixed and poured today so that both the front and back decks can get started.  The front porch will get tied directly into the roof so with teamwork, the gang got the back roof completed and much of the front roof finished.  Tomorrow we are hoping to tie in the trusses for the front porch so that we can complete a number of projects.

This evening was seafood and karaoke night!  We are always welcomed with open arms to the restaurant and the group are alwasy enticed to get up and sing.  Don't Stop Believing is the one they start with then move on from there.   A good tiime was had by all!


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