Friday, March 14, 2014

The Polar Vortex....

Today was down right cold!  Even for us hardened Canadians.  It is amazing how quickly we "warmed up" only to then be hit with this colder weather.  It was chilly with high winds which negated working outdoors on the ladders to continue with the siding.

That meant, that it was a day of everyone working inside.  Things were a little crowded but everyone was able to find some work in the various rooms and the drywall is going up quickly.  Every room should be done before we head back north tomorrow.

We are truly blessed here in Kilmarnock and know that we also bring blessings to the people here.  Continually, we are greeted with open arms and with a genuine interest from people who find out who we are and why we are in town.  It is a mutally beneficial relationship.

I had the pleasure of running into Cyrus today at the grocery store he works at.  I jogged his memory as to who I was and asked him how he was enjoying home ownership.  He was tickled that I remembered him and he wanted me to pass along his "hello" to everyone.  He also thanked me again for his quilt.

This evening we were invited into the home of Theresa and Bruce (Bruce is the volunteer coordinator for the HFH Board).  It was a wonderful evening of food and fellowship.  They had a beautiful waterfront home and were greeted by a warm fire.

It is hard to believe that it is already Thursday night and that we will be packing up in the morning to start heading north in the afternoon.  I am not sure where the week has gone but it has and we are better for it. 

Here are some photos of todays progress.

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