Monday, March 10, 2014

First Day on site

As usual, the first day on the job site is always busy and exciting as we begin our week of work.  There was plenty of work to do!  There were drywall clips to be installed, drywall to be hung, post holes to be dug (by hand and thankfully only 24 inches deep), pipes to be insulated under the house and a trench to be dug...a long, deep trench.  Our "trenchies" crew spend all 7 hours on digging out a trench and did a fantastic job!  Everyone pitched in as they were able with many learning a new skill.  A great day of work was done by all.

For dinner, we were treated by the board of the local affiliate at a wonderful chinese restaurant in town.  Everyone shared their fortune and they were quite varied including living on the moon in the next century, to getting new clothes, to having a blessed life.  They were tryly inspiring. 

Some photos of our days work:

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