Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bright Sun & 23 degrees

I am sure this won't make those of you stuck in the snow but it was a glorious, sunny day with the temperature topping out at 23 degrees celcius.  Tomorrow they are calling for rain and back into single digits om Thursday so we all soaked up the sun today.

It was another busy day on the job site.  A fence was started & completed by our young people.  Drywall continued with the "inside crew".  There was more trench work done (another one dug and the plumbing done in the larger one) including the filling in of yesterdays digging.  The eavestroughing was done and there was a variety of siding installed, removed, recut, re-installed and then will be removed and re-installed again tomorrow.....the joys of having to move a window!

Tonight we were hosted for dinner by Nan & Ernie.  These folks are amazing!  They have spent the last year or so building a wonderful barn on their waterfront property.  It will house Ernie's workshop and a sewing room for Nan....although this might change as many opportunities have presented itself for this wonderful building.  Nan and Ernie also have 14 chickens who were kind enough to provide Ernie with enough eggs for him to make fresh, home made pasta - it was fantastic!  And for dessert we had home-made nut cake and ice cream to celebrate Dana's Birthday!

Thanks to Peggy and Tom for their lovely letter - We Miss You!\

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