Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring really is coming.....

Hard to believe I know but we have seen many signs of spring during today's multi-hour drive to Kilmarnock.  Today we have enjoyed the warmth in the sun (we acutally had to turn on the A/C in the van to keep us cool); we were able to shed our coats to walk outdoors when we stopped for lunch; the motorcyclists were out riding; folks were out in their convertibles with the top down; the winter wheat gave the fields a wonderful green tone; we lost sight of snow as we skirted around Washington; and there were plenty of groundhogs along the side of the road greeting us as we drove past (all alive to boot!).  Spring really does exist....just not back at home!

Now that the whole group is finally together, we enjoyed our dinner at Anna's Pizza just across the street from the hotel.  We then returned for a quick discussion before retiring to our rooms for the night.  Should try and get to bed early as we lose an hour tonight.

Tomorrow will be a busy day with visiting and exploring the area.  We will be visiting Calvary Baptist Church tomorrow for service and lunch and then off to St. Andrew's Presbyterian for dinner.  Supposed to be nice and sunny!  Will be an adventure tomorrow, but that will be stories to share with you later!

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