Friday, March 8, 2013

What a great day to travel

Today God provided us with a fantastic day to travel! The sun was shining and you could feel the warmth of it coming through the windows as we headed south.  The border was very quick with only two cars ahead of us (probably the shortest crossing ever) and the roads were dry.

The three large (metal) crows were in the field greeting us as we drove by and the snow covered ground seems to get greener as we moved south.  There is still a little snow on the ground here in PA as we have stopped for the night.

The roadside trees were great places to spot a variety of hawks who were also enjoying the sunny day.  A few successful hunts but most were watching guard in the trees.  A few deer were also in our sights along the side of the road.  Thankfully that is where they remained to graze.

Stopped for dinner and then on to the hotel.  We all commented how nice it was that there was still some light in the sky at 6:30pm.  I guess tomorrow that will be 7:30pm as we "spring ahead". 

The young people took to the pool for some play time and Ruth used the time to try and figure out how to use her camera.  We are awaiting the arrival of Cara and Carl who left a few hours after us.  Hopefully they were blessed with an easy crossing also.

Shea's should be along the road also, making their way south.  Who knows how far they have come but we will catch up with them in Kilmarnock tomorrow evening. 

Drive carefully everyone.  See you all tomorrow.

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