Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rain, rain go away..

Today's rainy weather put a little damper on the work we could get to.  There is plenty of outside work to be done but instead, all 18 of us + the 5 HFH volunteers worked inside today.  It was a little cozy to say the least. 

Tom and his crew headed under the house to insulate some pipes and do some clean up in the crawl space.  What they weren't expecting was to get wet from above when someone turned on the water in the bathtub which was leaking in the crawl space.  I guess it was a good thing that they found out now and could get it all fixed up, which they did.

Carl and his crew worked on putting the storm doors on the front and back of the house.

Peggy's crew, with directions from the homeowner, were responsible for putting the closet organizers in the three bedroom closets.  They were tricky at first but once they got the hang of it they were off to the races!

Pam's crew found new uses for their hotel room cards in the bathroom - they make great putty knives which don't scratch the bathtub insert.  She was also see with her hand in the toilet but we didn't ask....just kept walking!  She and her crew were also seen putting door handles on cupboards and caulking in the bathrooms.  She was a "jill of all trades".

Ruth and her crew were putting up the blinds in the 6 windows in the bedrooms.  It was truly a team effort with adults using the power tools and the youth following behind with the manual labour.  Ruth could later be seen armed with a caulking gun filling in the nail holes.

Bev was busy following around the messes with the vacuum and was instrumental in getting the vent covers on in the bedrooms.  She also spent time putting the paper down on the floor in order to do the last minute touch ups.

Our lunch providers brought in some great sandwiches and Bev and I have decided that we won't be vying for a job at Subway anytime soon!  A special treat were the lovely decorated cookies which had been made with plenty of love (and icing) by the kids at the church.  They were lovely!

There was some sitting around today as many of the "detail" tasks are hard to do with large volumes of people.  The youth headed out early for a little relaxation before we headed out for our evening.

Our evening meal was hosted at Ernie and Nan's...without Nan.  She is attending an International Habitat conference in Atlanta and will be home in time for the dedication on Friday.  Ernie was wonderful in opening up their home to us.  A tour of the chicken coop and even the collecting of some eggs.  We were noisily welcomed by Jimmy Dean and Sadie (the dogs) and the cats ran around the yard upon our arrival too.  Ernie and his sous chef Larry prepared a wonderful meal of chili, rice & johnny cakes and a banana cream pudding for dessert.  The young people provided a wonderful show of a "cup" routine which we could hear them practicing throughout the evening.

We returned to the hotel and had our evening circle time.  We practiced our hymns we will be singing at the dedication on Friday and sounded pretty good!  Folks were saying they couldn't sing but I though we sounded great.  We will hopefully have an opportunity to practice on Thursday night with the piano at the Presbyterian Church.


Tomorrow is another day on the build site.  Hopefully it will be a little drier and brighter.

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