Sunday, March 10, 2013

The prodigal son, geo caching & the beach....

That is what our day was all about today.  We had the pleasure of worshipping with the folks at Bethel Methodist Church today.  It was a lovely service with a sermon that sparked much discussion with the group this evening during our gathering many possibilities!  We were served a wonderful lunch which included a wonderful soup/chili and many sweet treats.  There was some recipe swapping...which should give an idea of how good things were.

Then we were off to Belle Island State Park for a wonderful afternoon of geo caching.  There was about a 50/50 split between people who had geo cached before and the "muggles" who were those who had never done it.  Charlene was a great teacher and help all us "newbies" get the hang of it.  All groups were successful in finding 4 caches in the park.  It was a beautiful afternoon to spend outside in the park - I have a red nose and forehead to prove it!

To take full advantage of the beautiful day a bunch of us headed out to our favourite beach area (really the only beach area we know how to get to) for a quick visit.  It was so calm...there was no wind and although the water level was high, it was so calm and allowed us to see jellyfish, some loons and even some boats on the horizon.

We all enjoyed a mexican meal at El Charrito, a local mexican restaurant with great food and wonderful and attentive service.

Our evening was topped off with a wonderful discussion of our day and wonderful, insightful words from Stephane.  You can check out his message to the crew here:

Since I missed posting yesterday - with the loss of the hour I ran out of time before I thought I should be in bed...we had a wonderful day for driving.  The sun was shining, the tunes and the company were good.  We made great time and the Shea's weren't too far behind us.  We gathered as a group at Anna's Pizzeria for a wonderful meal and were joined by Nan & Ernie.  Great to see some of our Kilmarnock family and catch up.

It will be a busy day tomorrow!  The weather is supposed to cooperate.  So here's hoping!

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