Thursday, March 14, 2013

Have you thanked a Farmer today?

Today was a very humbling experience (even though I spent much of it holed up in the van with the chills and a cold).

A large number of us went up to a 1700 acre produce farm to help clear some fields that have recently been cleared of bush and will be used to plant more than 1 million pounds of food for the Northern Neck Foodbank.  This is a new initiative that has been started between the farmer and the foodbank. 

It was an eye opening experience about the amount of food produced and not used as well as the importance of getting fresh produce into the food bank food chain.  The Northern Neck Foodbank provides food to five counties in the immediate area but are hoping that with partnerships like the one they are forging with Parker Farms that there may come a time where they are providing fresh produce to foodbanks across the state.  Always dream big!

Lance and Brad were great hosts for the day.  They too were up to their knees in the fields we were clearing of sticks and logs.  We tried to explain to the youth that at home, this task would more likely include the picking of rocks which has to be done annually as they are tilled up to the surface.

Tom, Raymond & Carl stayed behind at the house to get the last of the flooring done - which is obvioulsy easier when there aren't 18 additional people walking around.  They are almost done and should get the last few pieces in first thing tomorrow.

Peggy and Marjorie spent the day at the Northern Neck foodbank facility sorting potatoes and canned veggies.  Peggy was impressed with the facility which is quite new and modern.  It was well run and they enjoyed their day.

There was a fierce wind blowing on this sunny day but the our youth treked on and did a great job.  We had some wonderful guests that brought lunch and shared some stories with us.

As is tradition, we had dinner at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church and had creamed grits, shrimp and pulled pork sandwiches.  We took a few minutes after our meal to practice the two hymns we are singing at the dedication tomorrow - we don't sound too bad!

Tonight, the group planned our service we will be presenting on April 7th at both services.  We invite all of you to come and join us to hear our stories.


Church Lady said...

Hello all: Sorry you are feeling sick and the weather is not warmer. If it makes everyone feel better it is snowing and very cold today, not at all looking like spring is coming. Thanks for the pictures, I am putting a lot of them up on the web site. Remember the hymn "Go Make a Difference" and you guys are. Glenda

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