Thursday, March 14, 2013

Details, details, details

It's hard when you work all day but find it hard to see what got done.  Today there were alot of "details" taken care of and we were able to see the progress, thankfully!

Outside, the landscaping was started with the moving of dirt and the laying of 4x4 ties.  The shed got a ramp and doors that close properly and the front windows were cleaned (there are still more outside windows to do but those are the most important at the moment).

Indoors, the bathroom vanities were installed, the last of the closets received their shelves, there was paint touch ups, window washing, the installation of the kitchen countertops and the laying of paper over the floors to protect them.

After a hard days work, the young people went out to bowl at the local ally, which they had to themselves, and had a great time.  They were cheering eachother on and supporting each other regardless of whether the ball hit the gutters or some pins.  It was 10 pin they were playing, something they aren't really used to.  So they had to choose their ball at the proper weight and with the correct hole sizes for their fingers.  There were some strikes, some spares and plenty of laughs.

For dinner we tried a new place which turned out to be a great evening of seafood and karaoke.  Some of us partook of the all you can eat shrimp that was on offer and it was great! The youth signed up to sing Don't Stop Believing by Journey as a group and then there were a few who went up as duets and trios.  All in all it was a new experience for everyone.  We were made to feel very welcome and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Our evening ended with the making of thank you cards that will be distributed to the many folks who take care of us during our time here in VA.  We are truly blessed.

Tommorrow also holds a new experience for many....but that is a story for another day.

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