Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top O'the Mornin' to ya!

St. Patrick's Day! It was a green day on the build today. John arrived with a smashing green tam, folks were decked out in green shirts (under their layers) and wonderful head pieces and even had St. Paddy's inspired cupcakes for lunch.

The day started with the building of the last two walls and cutting out the door & window openings. It was another dreary day to start (very Irish indeed with a light mist in the air) and quite cool which required a coffee and hot chocolate run to warm folks up mid morning.

After the break, folks began to build the interior walls and after lunch those installations began. By the end of the day, the all interior walls had been installed and the house is ready for the roof trusses! It is supposed to be very nice tomorrow - finally some sun! Ruth has just come back inside from the van saying all the stars are out and not a cloud in the sky - hopefully that means a wonderful day is in store. It would certainly dry up some of the worksite which is starting to look like a barnyard with all the straw we have put around to help soak up some of the water. Donna should have some good "compost" for gardening once they get to that stage.

The young people left the site a little early to go and hang out with some local high school students. Talk to them about Canada (the map came out and some postcards used to show off our fair city), and life as a teenager. Our youth brought t-shirts and other items from each of their schools to share with folks which were a great hit.

For dinner, we were treated to a wonderful Irish meal starting with a wonderful potatoe soup with cabbage on top, followed by Cornbeef & carrots. We had an impromtu St. Paddy's inspired variety show with Robert singing with 2 backup dancers, Megan, Claire & Ella showing off their Irish dancing skills, then Megan and Kate sung a song together, and John & Ruth shared some Irish jokes. All in all a wonderful evening.

Thanks for your wonderful letter Jan & Bob.

Here are some wonderful signs we have experienced today!

Some comments from our youth:

  • "My knees hurt!"
  • "Hammering nails is a lot harder than it looks. But I am getting better (sort of)"
  • "Well we got 2 walls up so now we have half a house. The time passed really quickly. I can actually hammer a nail now. That's what I accomplished today."
  • Challenge: Staring using "y'all" in everyday communication.
  • Quote of the day: "I will be behind you to catch you if you fall".
  • Adult Quote of the day: "Your order is ready at the wood pick up window"

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Lisa said...

Glad to see the progression of the house! Seems like you are really motoring despite the weather. Looks like you are having a lot of fun. Thinking of you.
Lisa and Blake