Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our last day

It's always bittersweet, our last day, that is. We can relish in our accomplishments of the week but we then have to say goodbye to our gracious hosts that have become friends over the week. What it dosen't mean is a lazy day! Typically Friday is a half day of work so that we may head back north over two days instead of the epic one day journey on the way down.

It has become tradition to write a scripture passage on side of the house and this year we chose this one from 1 Corinthians.

This Friday was no different. The roofing crew were quick to get back up there and get going, wanting to finish the backside of the roof and start the front portion. Another group were given the task of beginning to run the wiring inside the house, some youth continued on the shed, some started to wrap the house with a Tyvec type product and others spent part of the morning sorting nails!

Work stopped just after noon and we had a wonderful lunch prepared by Stephanie & Lance before we said our goodbyes for another year. Herb (site foreman) promises to come and visit sometime this summer and we look forward to the opportunity to show him where we live.

After a group photo at the front of the house, we loaded up and headed north. We made a stop in Tyson's Corner to get out of the Washington rush hour traffic....and a little shopping, and then continued to Harrisburg, PA where we would spend the night.

Thanks for the letters from Robert & the Macauley Family.

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