Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roofers Unite!

The day started off with folks heading straight for the roof on both the house and the shed. Our progress is surprising everyone including ourselves. We can't believe that we will be heading for home tomorrow. The week has passed by so quickly and we have been welcomed and hosted by the incredible folks here in Kilmarnock. The various church families who have hosted us for Sunday service, prepared lunches, and served us dinner. They have all been integral in the building of this house. God has supported us throughout the week and the prayers and kind words from our KUC family have been a part of each of our evening. The youth have been busy building the shed and should have it shingled by the time we leave after lunch tomorrow.

This is the verse we placed on the side of the house. We all signed our names and will be part of the house forever.

Here are a few (of many) pictures that show some of the progress of today and the teamwork that this build has been all about.

Tonight we were hosted by Nan & Ernie for a BBQ at their home on a creek that feeds into Chesapeake Bay. Donna & her son Shaq joined us for a few mintues before heading out to Shaq's concert in the school band where he plays the trombone.

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