Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some thoughts from the Burgundy Van...

This year, we thought we would give you a taste of the trip from different perspectives along the way. These are some of the notes taken from the Burgundy Van from yesterday. At least the first part of the journey.

And I quote from the "journal"......

Day 1 - March 14th.

Made it through Friday the 13th unscathed except for Kate's problem with her van's tire and Sue being "required" to take an upgrade of a Yukon.

Hwy 401 - a little excitement outside of Brockville - a big scene with first a cloud of blue smoke from a big white van before a fireball exploded from underneath - just as we passed "kaboom" - Yikes! Robert reported from the rear of our caravan that he saw the driver get out okay - "whew"

Spent some time "cooling out heels" before crossing the first toll bridge to the USA - due to "traffic volume", people escaping the Great White North.

10:00am and waiting to cross the border - Sue was in the "right" lane, cleared hours ago. Shelley is looking for the "ladies room". She knew she should have brought that "porta-pee-er for women" - free Timmies was too hard to resist.

So just as we are next in line to clear customs, everything stops - big red cone and officer leaves.

- as written by the passengers of the Burgundy Van.

Something else we have started to do to keep us occupied is looking for funny signs - you have to fill 15 hours somehow. Here are some of our favourites to date:

Restaurant: Spiedie's Rib Pit
Garden Centre: Turkeyfoot Nursery
At the Wawa Service Station: "Bug Prep Area"
Street Sign: Box of Gourds Road

My favourite: Slow Church in Session

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