Monday, March 16, 2009

Give me that Old Time Religion

We got to sleep in this morning! 8:00am or so. Church didn't start until 11:00am, so all in all a pretty lazy morning - especially with the drizzle outside.

John showed up at the hotel and after hugs and handshakes to renew friendships we were off to Mount Olive Baptist Church, a good old southern gospel church. Plenty of gospel music, powerful, physical preaching, and wonderful, southern hospitality. This church is also in a time of transition. Rev. Jenkins was a guest preacher who the congregation will be voting on whether to bring him on as an Interim Minister. Some folks in our group had already spoken with Rev. Jenkins not knowing that we were going to the same church for services. His sermon was titled "Can God Trust You?"

After the 2 hour service (yes, the service was 2 hours, but we aren't going to suggest this as a recommendation to Eileen & Angela) we returned to the hotel for some R&R time. Some napped, some shopped.

We donned our group shirts and headed to Wicomico Parish Church - Episcopal, for a wonderful dinner and fellowship. We were able to meet Donna and her youngest son Shaq, her daughter and two grand-daughters. We presented her with the quilt and she was extremely thankful for it - I did emphasize the point that it was to be used and not hung on a wall.

Back to the hotel for a movie and our nightly community meeting. Thank you for your letter Harold & Carolyn.

Off to bed as tomorrow morning will come early. Praying that the rain will go away and the sun will shine through.

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