Monday, March 10, 2008

WOW! What a day

Early wake up call this morning. We were met at the hotel at 7:45am to be escorted to the build site for an 8:00am start.

Clad in our steel toed boots, our hard hats, tool belts and safety goggles we started to work after a quick safety talk with Herb & John, our two site foremen. The house was just a cement block foundation when we arrived. The group worked diligently together, everyone with their tasks: cutting wood to length, laying vapour barrier and insulating the crawl space, building the cross beam, putting in the floor joists…that was all before lunch. The afternoon was spent putting on the sub floor. By the end of the day we had a wonderful looking dance floor!

The new homeowner dropped by in the late afternoon and was flabbergasted at how far we had come during the day. The smile on her face as she walked up to the build site from her car was incredible. She was beaming! Eileen pointed out the various things we had done on the underside just as the last bits of the sub floor was being installed. We put in a great day’s work leaving the work site at 4pm.

This evening we were hosted by the Lancaster HFH Board for a potluck dinner at a community centre adjacent to the local golf course which was open for business. We also passed the local baseball diamond which was full of people refining their skills. Through the cool night air, the sweet sounds of the Spring peepers. We are surrounded by sure signs of spring.

Some words to describe today: Team work, inspiring, educational, satisfaction, productive, hammers, glue all over, wonder, ouch. I think some of us will find that we have muscles we didn’t know we had. Thank you for your letter Nadine.

Exhausted and well worked. It was a wonderful first build day.

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