Friday, March 14, 2008

Sheds & Decks

Today was another beautiful day, the sun shining, the birds singing and the work continued. The youth started with the shed by digging the holes for the cinder block corners. There was endless removing of blocks, leveling them and then realizing that they missed the measure therefore needing to remove and dig some more. The floor was built, the walls erected and the roof trusses were made. Tomorrow the youth will put the trusses up and put the black sheeting on the roof.

The adults spent the day getting the front & rear decks attached to the house, post holes dug which are now waiting for cement to be poured. Tom & Peggy spent the day reinforcing the interior walls where there will be cupboards hanging on the wall. Elise & Eileen moved the leftover wood to the adjacent site where they will be building the next house... starting next March.

Once again, we were hosted by the affiliate for a wonderful pork dinner. Lavonda, the homeowner, joined us for dinner and we had another chance to talk to her and find out more about she and her son Jerome. We presented her with the quilt and she was overwhelmed. Lavonda expressed her sincere thanks for us coming to help build her house. She has asked us to keep in touch with her and contact her to see pictures of the house once it's finished. Truly blessed!

As we expressed our thanks to the host affiliate, we presented Herb & John with some tools that they had put on a wish list. They too were overwhelmed as the youth approached them to give them the various tools: screwdrivers, stud finders, level, measuring tapes and a Pasalode Nail Gun with a box of nails and the propane cylinders that make it work. Our outreach continues as these are tools that will be used by many volunteers that will follow in our footsteps.

Words used to describe today include: shed, gratifying, giving, inspirational, 72 x 93 (the number of 2x4's that Elise & Eileen moved), sunshine, learning, proud. There were many more but I have forgotten my book in the room and I don't want to disturb Ruth.

We have been truly blessed to have been called to this build. The youth have been amazing, working and learning so many new skills. They would make you proud! They have certainly made me proud to be working with them.

We prepare for our last day and find it hard to believe that our week is coming to an end. Many are looking foward to coming home to family but we are certainly not looking forward to the white stuff.

Thank you to all of you who have sent comments and have kept us in your prayers

God Bless.

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