Thursday, March 13, 2008

Missed some....

Just as I posted the blog, I realized I forgot to include the words used to describe today. These, blue skies, shopping, history, educational, home-made blueberry muffins, yummy crab cakes, community, sunshine, new shoes, eagle's wings...Thank you for your letter Kathi.

The letters I keep refering to have been written by members of our congregation and one is ready each evening as part of our nightly community time. They are letters of encouragement that help us remember that we are not in Virginia alone but that we are also here serving God for each an every one of you. Although you are not here in the physical sense, we know you are praying for us, and we are thinking of all of you in our prayers and in our daily actions.

Thank you for your support.
God Bless

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revbar2008 said...

Greetings from Kanata! We've been pleased to keep up-to-date on your adventures - both "on-site" and in the malls etc. We hold you all in our thoughts and prayers - making the world a better place - one nail at a time!

Barry G.