Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A day of rest and history...for some

Today marks the midway of the "building portion" of our trip. This was Tourist Day for some while some eager beavers decided they would head back to the worksite instead.

The 3 Amigos that went to the build site were able to finish putting up the interior walls, capped the walls and now the house is ready for the trusses. Herb is really upset that he delayed the delivery of the trusses since it would have been a great task for such a large group. Oh well, not much we can do about that. 2 decks and a garden shed will be on the building schedule tomorrow. Peggy, Tom, Robert were treated to a lunch of Oyster burgers and hush puppies with Herb & John.

Elise decided she was going to spend the day exlporing the village of Kilmarnock. Travelling up and down side roads, she did some shopping and some investigating.

The rest of the group hopped in the two vans and headed into Williamsburg to shop and exlpore the historical area. We started with a 2 hour power shopping spree at a 90 store outlet mall. Everyone seemed pleased with their purchases and I don't think anyone spent too much...there were some pretty good deals to be had! The youth have been very good with their shopping. You will have to ask them about their 7 minute power Walmart shopping trip.

After lunching at IHOP, we headed to the Jamestown Settlement where we explored the history of the area, boarded the ships in the bay and watched 2 Bald Eagles and 3 Osprey circle overhead. The adults enjoyed our visit...I think the youth would have rather been shopping. Oh well it is all about compromises. We finished our Tourist Day with a wonderful meal at a local seafood place where many of us enjoyed crab cakes and seafood pasta. The young people when to Pizza Hut.

It will be a busy day tomorrow. Hard to believe we are getting to the end of our journey. There have been some wonderful memories made, plenty of pictures taken and bonds that will last a lifetime. Our youth have been amazing and would make you all proud.

Here are some pictures of our day at the Jamestown Settlement and some other random photos from the worksite.

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