Friday, March 14, 2008

Ends bring new beginnings

It's hard to believe that this was our last day on the jobsite. There were three main tasks on our to do list today: finish the front deck, the rear deck and the youth were going to finish getting the roof sheeting on the shed they had built. Together, as teams, we worked and completed these tasks. How satisfying it is to look at what we had accomplished throughout the three & a half days that we were on the site.

Before leaving, we gathered with John & Herb and prayed in a popcorn circle sharing the many blessings of our time in Virginia. Goodbye's were said as we sent Robert & Elise south to visit with family and friends in North Carolina, and to Peggy who was continuing on to Florida. How strange it is to see that in a blink of an eye, the community that you have built and lived in for the past 7 days all of a sudden gets back to "real-life". Everyone goes their own way and all you can do is hope that they will carry on the impact of the week as they return to friends and family, their co-workers and their community. We have all changed lives this week. Not only Lavonda & her son Jerome, but also the community of Kilmarnock and the Lancaster HFH Affiliate. John has been energized with our weeks work and hopes that when the newpaper runs a story on our trip that the local community at large will be motivated by our trip and want to get involved in their own backyards....the possibilities are endless.

We have bunked down in Harrisburg, PA tonight and will journey the rest of the way tomorrow. The weather has started to change, a little cooler and the rain is falling. The reality of the snow is becoming that much harder to put to the back of our minds. Thank you Bob for your wonderful letter and to Lisa...I hope it was okay to share your words with everyone.

We too are looking forward to being able to share our journey with our family at Kanata United when we get home.

This trip wasn't just about building a house! It was about helping others, sharing our faith and making a difference in our world.....I think we have done all of that and more! This is just a begininng for us. Everyone is wondering where we are going next year....God will guide us. Let us put our trust in him.

"Go Make a Difference in YOUR world!"

I am too tired to transfer the pics from the camera so I will put up some more once we return home.

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