Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring does exist......

It just happens to start about 800 km south of Ottawa.

This morning we awoke to a dusting of snow on the vehicles that Tom so lovingly cleaned off for all of us and we were off on our way. It was an uneventful drive...until we got back onto the highway going north instead of south after a pit stop - Oh well, just our version of groundhog day.

As we headed further south, the signs of spring started to appear: the grass started greening up, the buds of the maples were bright red and ready to pop, the motorcyclists and muscle cars were out in great numbers, and the greens on the local golf courses had pins in them and people teeing off at the tee box. The bright sun also helped as its warmth beamed through the van window. The further south we went, there were daffodils in bloom, magnolias in bloom and plenty of wildlife. There were 2 bald eagles, an owl (were not 100% it wasn't a decoy), numerous hawks, turkey vultures and the all american zebra.

We arrived in Kilmarnock just as the sun was setting and took a quick drive down Pond Park Lane to take a peek at our handiwork from last year. The houses look wonderful and were obviously being enjoyed - it appeared that at least one of them was having a gathering of friends. After speaking with John, the Willis house will close on Wednesday and we will have a chance to see the place before we leave. It will be great to see the Willis family again and share in their excitement of new homeownership.

Our hosts left us some gift bags with wonderful treats for everyone and are greatful for their generosity. We also got our 2011 shirts which we will wear out to church tomorrow. Thank you Steve and Wilma for your letter.

Oh the fire alarm in the hotel is going off...need to rally the troops.....False alarm. We are all back inside.

Time for bed, lose an hour's sleep tonight.

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