Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Last FULL Day

Once again, the build site was a buzz of activity, everyone wanting to finish their projects on the site before we have to head north.

The back side of the roof was completed and the front side was completed as far as it could be as the front dormer wasn't completed - the framing was completed by the end of the day which means that the roofing could be completed by the end of our 1/2 day tomorrow.
The young people, under the wonderful tutelage of John, began constructing the shed and should have a good chunk of it completed by tomorrow. Inside was also busy with the cutting of subfloors for HVAC equipment, spacers for drywall were added and junction boxes were added throughout the house. I was surprised to find out that more than 60 boxes were needed in the house - between outlets and light switches, I guess I just haven't really counted them on one floor at home before.
I spent the day cleaning out the tool shed which I am told hasn't been done in at least 6 years probably more like 10. There was plenty of "stuff" including pails of random tools which all now have their own place in the trailer, some really old, ratty paintbrushes and cloths, and plenty of mouse poop. I wore a mask when sweeping the floor - between the amount of dust, dirt, sawdust and mouse poo, I though it best.
Some of the group left the worksite an hour early to head to the local 10 pin bowling lane for an afternoon of fun. It was a great break and everyone seems to have enjoyed the experience. Just before leaving the worksite, we endulged in some really good brownies and lemon squares that Megan and I purchased in town at lunchtime from a local gourmet food store.

For dinner, we were hosted by Larry Adams and his wife at Moratico church about 1/2 hour north of Kilmarnock right on the Rappahannock River. A beautful spot to enjoy the sunset. Toni, her daughter and grandson joined us and we presented her with the quilt. Both the kids wanted the quilt in their room so I guess they will have to share it.

It was also a bittersweet evening as we said goodbye to Leonard, John's childhood friend who is an incredible teacher with a wonderfully wicked sense of humour and plenty of stories which he is always happy to share. He is heading back to North Carolina first thing in the morning and we wish him a safe journey home and thank him from the bottom of our hearts. He is a true blessing and an important part of our experience.

Tomorrow will be a busy day with packing out from the hotel and finishing our tasks on the jobsite as well as saying our "See you laters" to everyone who has been so kind and generous. True southern hospitality.

Tonight we spent some time preparing our Thank you cards to be sent locally to all the folks who fed and watered us on this journey. We enjoyed a great variety of meals including BBQ, grits, chocolate eclairs and so many other choices, too many to list. Thank you to Ryan Monkman for his lovely letter and also to Jimmy Carter for the forward in a book which I am bringing back to KUC about the history and philosophy of Habitat so all of you can learn about the program.

We have been blessed.

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Glenda said...

Hello Everyone: What a great job!!! I like your expression Sue, you really look thrilled at cleaning out the tool shed!! Have a safe trip home - weary but satisfied at giving of yourselves in this Lent Season. You all gave up something for Lent - your time and energy, what a wonderful gift. Take care. Glenda