Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Full Speed ahead

Today, a little cooler than yesterday, saw the group split into two groups to take on multiple tasks. One group stayed on the build site to assist with the installation of the roof trusses. A boom truck was brought in to help lift the trusses up to the roof which allowed for the job to move ahead swiftly. By lunch break, the group had the trusses up, and one side sheathed.

The other group, returned to the Willis house to do complete some last minute tasks before they take posession on Wednesday. The bathroom towel racks were installed, a front path was set with patio stones and the leftover stones were used to put a couple outside the basement door and the bottom steps of the back deck. There was some raking of the yard which is currently all sand and the stray garbage and leftover building supplies were picked up and the tools were removed. The house looks great and we certainly hope that the Willis family will fill it with much love and have many wonderful memories.
After lunch, the roof crew returned to sheath the other half of it and then put up the tar paper. If it doesn't rain on Wednesday the shingles will be put on. We are told they are light coloured which will certainly be very different than we are used to. This is part of the new "green build" model that the affiliate is trying to incorporate during the building process. We will have to update folks tomorrow on the outcome.

The building then got wrapped with Tyvek, the some of the interior walls were prepared to be installed tomorrow, the shower and bathtub inserts were moved into the house and the inside stablizers were removed - a little demolition is always fun. Before leaving for the end of day two, the lumber we will need to use tomorrow was moved inside the house so it won't get wet overnight.

There is lots to do tomorrow, hopefully we won't be too many people indoors - we may need to come up with some other things to do to keep everyone busy.

Thanks Helen Pinel for your kind words this evening.

Here are pictures of the house at the beginning of the day, and what it looked like when we left for the day.

Good job everyone!


Muriel said...

Hello Everyone,

What amazing work you are doing. I am sure the family is overwhelmed at the prospect of living in a beautiful house built just for them.

BTW, Builder Bob, there are many handyman projects at 7 Rolston Way to complete and no excuses now!

Glenda said...

Hello Everyone: Wow! I'm blown away by all the work this group has accomplished in such a short time. I know from first hand experience that there is nothing as satisfying at the end of the day to step back and see walls up, roof trusses & shingles on!!! You ache from head to toe, but boy it feels good to have accomplished all that. Keep up the good work. Glenda

cab22 said...

Greetings to the KUC gang!

I am so inspired by the progress you are making and the simple act of giving over your time and talents to help others. It is in these selfless moments that you know you are doing God's work.

It is clear that you are making a miracle happen once again for the community of Kilmarnock.

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."