Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a Glorious Day

Today started bright, sunny and warm. 16 degrees to be 10am. It was a glorious day. John met us at the hotel with his buddy Leonard - they have known each other for 66 years. What an incredible friendship they have shared!

We headed to White Stone Church of Nazarene for worship this morning. We were openly welcomed and shared our stories. Thier new building was really quite interesting. They had a two story indoor jungle gym, a permanent puppet ministry, a youth ministry area that included fuse ball tables, ping pong, pool table and diner bench seats.

In the afternoon, the skies darkened and torrential rains fell for a few short minute. At 4pm we headed out to Donna Yerby's house (the house we helped build last year) for its dedication. Just before we arrived it had been hailing so the yard was covered with ice pllets It was amazing to drive up Pond Park Road and see the house completed. During the service we were invited to share and Lauren stepped forward to share her gratitude for the opportunity to share in the building experience. Eileen finished the dedication with the benediction and blessing on the food.
In the evening, some of the youth returned to the Nazarene church for their youth programing while the rest of us played a variety of games at the hotel. We had a pizza dinner in the hotel and invited Herb to join us. There were plenty of laughs and the obvious blossoming of friendships. Our youth are really quite amazing and it is a blessing to be able to spend time with them.

I hope they are all tucked into their beds as I write...who am I kidding! I know they are all looking forward to getting on the jobsite tomorrow and see what they can accomplish. We will start building the walls as soon as we arrive as Herb has already been able to get the subfloor on. God willing, we could have all 4 exterior walls in place before the end of the day tomorrow.

Thanks to Kathy & Neil Thompson for their kind words - hopefully next year you will be able to join us!

Your continued prayers are appreciated.

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Lisa said...

Sounds like you are having a great time and that you have many things to share with us. Can't wait to hear all the stories when you get back.