Monday, March 15, 2010

It was a dark and stormy day....

Not the best way to start a build! We should really count our blessings...this is our first day in 5 years that we have been rained out. We arrived on the job site at 8:50 but decided that with the weather it would be in everyone's best interest to not work on the job site - for both safety reasons and not wanting to get soaked to the skin and cold before we even got to lunch. So instead, we returned to the hotel played a huge game of paper telephone and some ventured to Christ Church circa 1735.

The church providing lunch graciously brought it to the hotel.

After lunch, we headed out the brand new Kilmarnock Entertainment Centre and went BOWLING! Everyone had a great time. Herb joined us (he had his own bowling shoes in his truck) as did Vashti and her husband John. It was 10 pin, so there were a few balls that strayed down the wrong lane, and a few that were released too early and went backwards, but for the most part they went down the lanes and in some cases, into the gutter.

This evening we were treated to lasagna dinner at St. Mary's White Chapel, a church whose roots go back to the 1600's. Eileen and Debbie were priviliged enough to hold a chalice that has been used in communion services with the congregation since 1635 - solid silver and very large. I am sure it would probably hold a whole bottle of wine! It was truly beautiful.

We look forward to a nicer day tomorrow as we are all anxious to get started! Everyone wants to get a little more than we did the year before....which at this point might be a little challenging since plans were changed today. Only God knows what will get completed. There is no need for a shed this year as they already have one that has been donated which means there will be more hands on deck for the roof trusses.

Thanks Steve & Wilma Free for their wonderful words of encouragement.

This is what awaits us in the morning.....

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