Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Our last day was full of peace and quiet! Well okay, maybe not total peace and quiet....And who said travelling with teenagers was a problem? Within 15 minutes of leaving the hotel parking lot on Saturday morning, this was the view from my rear view mirror. 5 of 6 passengers "out like a light!" Maybe I could refer to them as "Sue's pooped peeps"

It was a wonderful drive home with the exception of the temperature gauge that records the outside air temperature. I watched throughout the day as it slowly crept lower and lower as we got closer and closer to home.

We did manage to get a quick hour of shopping in at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse where we stopped for a late lunch and then headed to the border. The Border agent seemed rather miffed that we had less than $150 worth of goods - "You could have $5000 worth of stuff with you!" he exclaims.

We arrived back at the church parking lot to waiting parents at about 7:30pm. No-one wanted to be the first to leave but by 8:00pm everyone was gone and I was on my way home in a very quiet van.

At church today, we were welcomed back with many questions and encouragement for what we had accomplished during our journey.

We look forward to sharing more of our stories with you on April 11th when we will present our trip to the congregation. We also have a special treat to share during Coffee Time.

Thanks to all of you who followed us on the blog, sent emails and prayed for us while we were gone. The congregation was never very far from our thoughts, for without your constant love and support, these trips would not be possible.

Until next time....

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Ryan said...

I don't remember giving permission for that photo to be released.... PS. don't you mean "poop's poopped peeps"?

The trip was amazing and we each learnt a great deal about ourselves and those we were with. Thank you, Sue, for putting so much work into these trips. It was a perfect week.