Thursday, March 18, 2010

Last Full build day

And what a day it was! There was lots to do and the work site was busy. Many conquered fears and others learned new skills. Much of today's work was on the roof. The day started with the sheathing of the whole roof and then the papering of the back side was completed before quitting for the day.

Folks got familiar with tape! All the joins, staples and around the windows and door covering had to be covered with tape so that there were no holes in the plastic covering of the walls. This was a tedious job but one that had to be done.

Inside, electrical outlet boxes were mounted on the walls and Joanne had the pleasure of using the drill the holes through the studs for the electrical wires.

All the braces were removed - inside and out, the basement rooms were framed, and Robert and Herb started installing the supports for the porch roof. Sue and Ruth prepared the gable end with the sheathing.

A tradition that we have developed over the years is that we write a bible passage on the house walls. This year no different and Ruth was kind enough to write an Iona Prayer that was part of our evening letter tonight. Tomorrow, we will each write out name on the house walls also to be there for posterity.

Today's work effort was incredible and the youth were fantastic. They have truly blossomed in skill and in much so that I have already caught them at two practical jokes. Well actually the same joke twice.

We are blessed at Kanata United to have such a wonderful group of young people who are so giving of their time and talents. They have done us all proud here in Kilmarnock. People continue to thank us for what we are doing - even had a gentleman pop into one of our gatherings and thank us for not just thinking about helping out but actually DOING it. We also received a lovely card from the Willis family, thanking us for our work on their house. They also brought us a gift of Northern Neck Gingerale some of which we are bringing home with us to share with all of you.
It was also the start of the goodbye's today. Leonard won't be on the jobsite tomorrow as he has to head back down to North Carolina for the weekend. He has been great to have around. Sharp witted, helpful and a real teacher, truly a gift from God on our build site.

There have been some great emails of support adn we appreciate them. It is great to know that folks are following with us on this journey.

Thanks for the wonderful letter Ann & Murray Gordon.

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