Saturday, March 10, 2012

We've arrived

We woke up this morning to light blowing snow and bright sunny skies. The snow didn't last long as things started to warm up as we headed south - although the wind still has a little Jack Frost in it, even here in VA.

Today was filled with lots of firsts....the sighting of motorbikes (although one rider had a toque on over his helmet so it couldn't have been too warm), a convertible, pansies and daffodils in bloom, crab apple trees in bloom and for some, it was the first time they had been this far south in the US.

We arrived in Kilmarnock at 5:25pm - Megan B won the time pool to the exact minute! We freshened up and headed over to Anna's for a nice Italian dinner. A quick trip to Walmart and our evening meeting and another early night. We lose an hour of sleep tonight so people wanted to catch up on it!

Ruth et al have made it safely to their destination and will meet up with us in Kilmarnock tomorrow evening. They made it over the border without incident but they did watch a "take down" of someone else ahead of them by the troopers.

We had a letter from Dianne M. and a wonderful Irish blessing.

Tomorrow we will be off to church in the morning and some exploring in the afternoon...who knows where that will take us!

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