Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We prepare for the journey

I am finding it hard to believe that we are already into March of 2012 and preparing for another journey to Kilmarnock, VA on our mission trip. On Friday, we will pack ourselves into two vehicles (one vehicle will be heading down on Saturday too) and begin our 5th journey down the I81 to VA. It's like going to visit family. We have been able to build wonderful relationships with the folks in Kilmarnock. They are always so warm and welcoming to us. They keep us well fed both physically and spiritually.

This year will be bit different as it will be the first year that we will be doing finishing work instead of building the physical structure or the bones of the home. It will present new experiences for all of us and will require the fine motor skils to be in tact for the detail work that includes things like painting, installing flooring, cabinets, electrical and plumbing fixtures.....all the things you get to see when the house is complete! I feel confident with a paint brush / roller but am excited to learn how to install other things...like the flooring, cupboards....and maybe even a toilet.

We are looking forward to sharing our journey with you again this year. What will God have in store for us this year?

Only time will tell......................

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Shelley said...

I will be with you all in spirit Susan! I wish you good travels, good weather, great fun, along with new and renewed friendships. I KNOW it will be an inspirational experience for those who are returning but ESPECIALLY so for the "newbies". I look forward to following your journey. Say Hello to Herb and John!