Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dreary to Weary....

The day started a little on the wetside but it did stop raining by the time we arrived at the jobsite. Once again we started again with a "shop talk" with Duane showing us some of the tools that we would be using during the day. Due to the outdoor wetness, many were looking for jobs inside the house....the house is only 950 sq ft. and for 20 people, that can get a little crowded but we seemed to make it all work.

The same gang (minus Joan) headed under the house to finish up the insulation and vapour barrier as well as installing the hot water heater. Joan and I worked with Mac to learn how to grout the bathroom floor tiles and completed the job with great pride. The kitchen crew were busy installing the sink and faucet, connecting the water supply and then working on the kickboards and top mouldings for the cabinets. The shed crew were diverted to an indoor task for the morning - sanding the bedroom walls to prep them for the primer coat. There was plenty of dust but they did a fantastic job. Bev has gained the title of "painter extrordinaire" so she continued to paint the closet interiors as she had been doing the day before.

The beautifully sunny afternoon allowed for the shed group to return to their outdoor task and the group installed the facia / soffits on the shed. The kitchen crew continued their work, those under the house stayed there and the rest of us picked up a paint brush and started priming the two bedrooms. There were great conversations, some wonderful brainstorming and a signing concert to make the time go by.

Cyrus, the homeowner was onsite today and helped with the painting and getting to know all of us. He also joined us for dinner where we presented him with the lovely quilt that the Quilting group lovingly crafted. Cyrus was very pleased with the quilt and posed for many photos after we wrapped it around him.

We enjoyed a lovely meal of shrimp, cheesy grits and southern BBQ prepared by the folks at St. Andrew's Presbyterian - they never disappoint with the yummy food they prepare for us. Megan B also shared a wonderful, impromptu vocal performance.

When we returned to the hotel, Bev had prepared an evening discussion which everyone enjoyed and allowed us to get to know each other a little better. Stephane sent us a great video message which we shared together.

The evening wound down with a raukaus game of "president" or "janitor"....it has many names.

As usual, people are beginning to feel some new aches and pains each night as we discover things in our body we didn't realize we had. Bedtime is getting earlier for some.....maybe tonight it is because tomorrow we have decided to start an hour earlier so we can leave early at the other end of the day to get in a little shopping therapy.

Some photos from the day....

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Church Lady said...

Good morning everyone: Well it is wet and dreary here today, Wed. March 14. Great pictures - Joan, you really are focussing on that grouting! All of you are learning such valuable skills - keep up the good work. You make us proud! Glenda